Shear pattern

Shear SG can currently be procured aligned to the left or to the right which can either be designed as single or double SG. 10 or 50 measuring grids are delivered per packaging unit.



Type LM-01          
Length of measuring grid [mm]  2,8


Width of SG [mm] 4,0        
Length of SG [mm] 8,0        

Resistance, gauge factor and self-temperature-compensation (STC)

Article number
Resistance [Ohm]
gauge factor
STC [ppm/K]
1-1-SD-SM-01-01.57-01.00_R  1.000


1-1-SD-SM-01-01.57-01.00_L 1.000 9 10,9
1-1-SD-SM-01-01.57-01.10_R 1.100 9 10,9
1-1-SD-SM-01-01.57-01.10_L 1.100 9 10,9

Deviations in size or characteristics can be tested as custom-made designs.